Scent Collections

What makes us different?

Our expertise is the extension of wellbeing through the scientific and measured use of scent. We are wellness experts, not simply scent marketers. However, the promotion of positive feeling and energy enhancement need not be limited to the time one spends in the gym or at a spa. Today, the global focus on wellness includes both our work and living spaces where we spend substantial amounts of our daily lives. Ambient scenting provides a spectrum of stimulation to relaxation for your guests, residents, employees, and members in a unique and powerful way enhancing their indoor experience.
Personal happiness and professional productivity are often enhanced when we feel good and positive about the space in which we reside in. AIRTONIX™ creates and diffuses our propriety blend of natural and essential oils with the wellbeing of your facility and guests foremost in mind. — We intertwine our aromas with a specialized odor capturing molecule that literally rids the air of malodorous particles, thus allowing for the unencumbered disbursement of our invigorating tonics.