Scent and what we experience and recall are significantly bonded together. AIRTONIX™ is dedicated to the promotion of wellbeing through the amazing power of ambient scenting. We work with only the finest natural ingredients and have developed a collection of scents that can relax, stimulate, and ultimately invigorate ones self.

Our clients are equally concerned about their guest experience and ultimately to choose to “infuse” their spaces not simply cover up malodors. Our clients include leading hotels, resorts, living environments, and corporations.

Our proprietary scent blends not only remove malordor, but replace it with the smell of vitality and wellbeing. The impressions this will make on your guests will exceed the modest investment in balancing your scent experience with other visual and sound enhancements you make today.


The forgotten sense?

Studies have shown that over 76% of what we SMELL can affect our emotional state and stimulate strong memory associations.